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Advizex with Red Hat technology helps you improve productivity and promote innovation for your entire organization.

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Red Hat® OpenShift® is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments. Manage hybrid cloud and multi cloud deployments with speed and efficiency.

Why Advizex Deploys with OpenShift:

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Deploy and Scale Faster with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open source platform that automates container operations and makes managing and orchestrating containers scalable. Red Hat OpenShift is built on Kubernetes so you can deploy and scale containerized apps faster.

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Deploy Across Different Infrastructures

Use Red Hat OpenShift to deploy your apps across different infrastructures or to transition from an existing to a new deployment image. Scale your apps horizontally to meet increased demand.

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Lightweight Containers

Red Hat OpenShift has a management interface for containers on a host and adds the ability to orchestrate Docker containers across multihost installations. Red Hat OpenShift also uses Kubernetes pods.

OpenShift Benefits:

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Build Your Apps Faster

With your app in the cloud you can monitor, debug, and tune on the fly.

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Code and Push

Deploying is as easy as clicking a button or entering a git push command.

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Streamline Delivery

Standardize developer workflows and enable continuous integration.

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Empower developers

Build your apps with the languages and tools you want and deploy through container images.

Advizex with Red Hat delivers simple, agentless IT automation that interfaces with your other services.

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation is automation software powered by Red Hat Ansible Engine—an execution engine with hundreds of modules that can automate all aspects of IT environments and processes.

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Reduce Repetition

Use automation to consolidate and coordinate tasks across systems, applications, and tools.

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Simplify Implementation

Ansible Automation is agentless, so there’s no software to install on the systems you’re automating.

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Manage Complex Deployments

Centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, and more.

Ansible Benefits:

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Automate the technologies you already use.

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Deploy apps. Manage systems. Crush complexity.

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Solve problems once and share the results with everyone.

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Break down silos, create a culture of integration and efficiency.

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Since 1975, we have partnered with our customers to accelerate the adoption of new information technology to create business value. Our passion for IT is guided by our vision of customers for life. Together with Red Hat, Advizex delivers the service and technology you need to streamline and automate your organizations IT infrastructure, process and deployment.